“Automated PPE Inventory With Accounting System (PIAS), Supplies, Materials and Equipment – Grants and Donation Inventory System (SME), Pharmacy Inventory Management System (PIMS) And Supplies Inventory System (SIS) For Local Government Units”

The Local Government Code of 1991 provides the mandate of the Chief Executive through the GSO and Accountant to maintain an effective record of Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) and Supplies. Said properties such as Land, Equipment, Vehicles, Buildings, Road networks, etc. are all assets of the government that need to be properly accounted for and taken care of. It is also a requirement to conduct a physical count of all properties and supplies in your Local Government Unit in accordance with the procedures set forth by the provisions of RA 7160, COA Circular 92-386, COA Circular 2015-008 on Local Road Assets and the Philippine Public Sector Accounting System (PPSAS 17).

In this regard, we would like to offer your LGU an AUTOMATED PPE INVENTORY WITH ACCOUNTING SYSTEM (PIAS) and SUPPLIES INVENTORY SYSTEM (SIS) being used by MEYCUAYAN CITY, SAN JOSE CITY, SAN CARLOS CITY PANGASINAN, CANDON CITY of ILOCOS SUR, PROVINCIAL GOVT OF ILOCOS SUR, Vigan, ILAGAN CITY OF ISABELA and just recently, the Municipality of INFANTA, QUEZON which will be useful in the processing of mandatory report and queries that will expedite the management decision and timely submission of reports to the Commission on Audit (COA). This system that aside from its significant feature of AUTOMATIC PPE ACCOUNTS RECONCILIATION OF GSO AND ACCOUNTING PPE REPORT, is also compliant to the provision of ARTA LAW on its view of transparency and accountability. The reports are processed timely and speedily without delay which shall benefit the employees and eventually the public for efficient services.

PPE INVENTORY WITH ACCOUNTING SYSTEM SOFTWARE, with Intellectual Property Rights – COPYRIGHT Number N-2018-00532 is designed for the operation of the General Services Office, Accounting Office, Engineering Office, Assessor’s Office and Mayor’s Office pertaining to PPE accounts and the Supplies Management of the local government unit.

For more information please contact cp# 0917-8939398, 0906-5825562 and 0936-1700070.