1. User Friendly VB.NET IN MYSQL DATABASE SIS which is customized for the General Services Office and the City Accounting Office in the Local Government operations in accordance with RA 7160 and COA Circular 92-386;
  2. The SIS could be connected to LAN or multiple computers using HUB/Routers which shall run in server and terminal mode;
  3. The SIS electronically records bulk quantities of delivered items for warehousing or direct issuances to be distributed to identified offices;
  4. The SIS accepts the maximum ceiling of allotment per office and controls the issuance of items based on the quarterly allocated budget;
  5. It also records the distribution of delivered items per office based on allocated stocks on PPMP;
  6. The system controls the issuance of the items on a FIFO scheme in order to arrive at an accurate computations for the Accounting office to book the balance of stocks and the generation of report of the utilized items per office;
  7. The SIS allows the issuance of the items based on expiration period or items that are first delivered as the user’s option;
  8. It also records the issuance of stocks to every office, name of recipients, quantity, date of issuance, RIS no. and reflects its corresponding remaining balance;
  9. The system can record monthly, quarterly, annually or any given period the quantity balance of stocks per item, per office and the whole stocks;
  10. It can report all items consumed per office at a given period;
  11. It can report the list of items, quantity and the cost delivered by a particular supplier for monitoring purpose;
  12. It automatically records the real time balance of stocks and ending report of the year and shall automatically be treated as beginning balance in the ensuing year;
  13. The system allows return of stocks in case of damage or expired items to be removed from the inventory;
  14. It can produce report on summary of supplies for all offices;
  15. It can automatically generate the accomplished issuance forms for signature of the recipient;
  16. It can automatically generate reports on summary of supplies issued per office;
  17. It can automatically generate reports on summary of supplies issued by office per item;
  18. It can automatically generate reports on Grand Summary of all delivered and issued item of all offices;
  19. It automatically reflect the remaining balance of every item while encoding the stocks added as delivery;
  20. Per COA Circular 2005-002, ICS is recorded per End-user for the monitoring of usage of Semi-Expendable supplies;
  21. ICS report system that could be printed employee to reveal accountabilities;
  22. Supplies are classified into ICS (Semi-Expendable items and Disposable items (RIS);
  23. ICS Report System that could be printed on selected start-date to end-date;
  24. Data Inquiry System to determine the ICS accounted per individual employee as reference for the issuance of the next semi-expendable items.
  25. The system can generate ICS report per Department, Accountable, and Status.
  26. Automated Generation of ICS for signature of the Accountable Officer;
  27. Spareparts listed in the maintenance of PPE are also encoded to the SIS classified as expendable and semi expendable items;
  28. It has transfer feature for ICS accounted to employees whether temporary or permanent;
  29. The SIS can precisely reduce the processing time down to 75% compared to manual and it lessens the work load of the stocks officer/supply officer so they can do more;
  30. The SIS is connected to the GSO, ACCOUNTING OFFICE, MAYOR’S OFFICE and if requested, it may be connected to the COA as terminal mode.