Digital Document Tracking System (DDTS)


The LGUs are operating with the bulk of documents being processed in a day coming from the different departments or offices and the requesting clients from National Governments, Municipalities, and Barangays.  Losing track of one paper is bound to happen. Sometimes almost to be completed bunch of documents are missing when routed to the different concerned departments due to mishandling and the complexity of the process. It entails a delay in the processing when resolved to be reconstructed which means there is a need to repeat the same process all over again.


To address this concern and provide government employees with a more convenient way to keep track of office documents, NSMGS Technologies has rolled out the Digital Document Tracking System (DDTS). It is an interconnected and integrated system that enables users to monitor documents from office to office and from one person to another, much like tracking orders from online shops. The system offers the real-time status of the documents, thereby decreasing the time spent on following up. It also saves time spent on encoding and reduces duplication of data. At the end of the processing, scanned documents that are already completed and accomplished shall now be stored in Archive form which is readily available in downloadable QR-coded forms for auditing and future purposes.


            User-friendly and flexible document tracking system customized for the local government operations. It was developed to monitor and manage document process lifecycles, related workflow, and people involved. This facilitates the speedy processing of documents and traces the movement of documents from origin to destination/s throughout the different offices or departments. The system also aims to improve the efficiency of retrieving documents at any given time.


Key Feature of Digital Document Tracking System

Automated document process monitoring

  • Receive and Release documents by scanning the attached QR Code.
  • Monitor the status of the document transactions that passed and acted by personnel of the offices.
  • Track the location in which office the document transactions currently reside.
  • Document Processes and Task dashboard to determine the;
    • the office created the transaction.
    • the office currently working on the specific document.
    • last person or user who transacted with it.
    • document status.
    • transaction date and time.
    • progress of the transaction by percentile.
  • Notifies the user if they have a new transaction queue.

Document Processes and tasks

  • Create process and set steps or tasks.
  • Insert a note or remarks for every task acted upon.
  • Flexible to change process steps and procedures if there are alterations in the routes of the transaction.

Document Management

  • Documents are scanned and uploaded as attachments.
  • Generate attachments into a PDF file.

Access Control

  • Set user’s level restriction for the user’s activities on how they interact with the system.
  • Exclusive Administrators Dashboard to manage user accounts, system settings, and configuration.

Automated Reports Generation

  • Print the transactions history.
  • Print uploaded attachments.