To be used by the RHU in connection with the management of Drugs, Medicines, and Medical Supplies being supplied from GSO to RHU, then from RHU to Hospital, Botika ng bayan and dole out meds/hospital supplies to patients.


  1. User Friendly VB.NET IN MYSQL DATABASE which is customarily designed for the RHU Local Government operations in accordance with RA 7160, COA and DOH rules and PPSAS 17.
  2. Physical and Stock Report Generation System;
  3. The moving average method of costing inventory shall be adopted.
  4. Data Inquiry System to determine the stocks carried and other stocks profiles.
  5. The system bear security feature or password enabled to prevent from unauthorized use.
  6. The PIMS records the activities of the users whether editing or deleting records that will serve as another file security feature.
  7. The system has back up feature enabled and could be uploaded to google drive for data safe keeping.
  8. It could be connected to LAN or multiple computers using HUB/Routers which shall run in server and terminal mode.
  9. The PIMS electronically records bulk quantities of delivered items to be carried in stock;
  10. It can also record the distribution of delivered items at the RHU, Botika ng Bayan, Hospital and donated to the recipients based on allocated stocks on order;
  11. It also records the issuance of stocks from GSO to RHU, name of recipients, quantity, date of issuance, RIS no. and reflects its corresponding remaining balance;
  12. The system can record monthly, quarterly, annually or any given period the quantity balance of stocks per item and the whole stocks;
  13. It can report the list of items, quantity and the cost delivered by a particular supplier for monitoring purpose;
  14. It automatically records the real time balance of stocks and ending report of the year and shall automatically be treated as beginning balance in the ensuing year;
  15. It can produce utilization report of summary of items release from GSO to the RHU, from RHU to Botika ng Bayan, Hospital and donated items to the recipients;
  16. It can automatically generate the accomplished issuance forms for signature of the recipients;
  17. It can automatically generate reports on summary of stocks issued per recipient entity;
  18. It can automatically generate reports on summary of stocks issued to a particular patient/recipient per item;
  19. It can automatically generate reports on Grand Summary of all delivered and issued items from GSO to RHU;
  20. It automatically reflects the remaining balance of every item while encoding the stocks added as delivery;
  21. Items in stock could be categorized into usage as may be assigned in group by the Pharmacist for easy identification;
  22. It has warning/notification feature in case stock level of any item reached a certain percentage as indicator for replenishment or reorder;
  23. The system automatically reports in advance 1 year or 6 months prior to the date of expiration of items which could be displayed in the reminder to allow ample time for management to decide in advance to avoid waste of government money;
  24. It monitors the expiration dates of stocks and uses First IN First Out method of dispensing (FIFO) or based on expiration date method of releasing whichever comes first;
  25. The PIMS can precisely reduce the processing time down to 75% compared to manual and it lessens the work load of the stocks officer/pharmacist so they can do more.
  26. Barcode enabled system for easy retrieval of records and stocks.