BLUETECH has developed a system like off-grid inverter system and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology that reduces energy costs and consumption – we call it Centralized Backup Power System or CBPS. The Unit has a  Solar Charge Controller and it can be installed with solar panels (Optional) and an AC charger to charge the batterie during day time for (solar charger) and (AC charger) during night time in case of long period of brownouts. The unit can be upgraded into stand- alone emergency power system during calamities where regular power is not available.

BLUETECH Centralized Backup Power System (CBPS) utilizes state-of-art Micro- controller technology for the supply of lighting, refrigerator, motor, water pumps and other apparatus like medical equipment in Hospitals, Fuel pumps in Gas stations, etc. to provide resources during crisis or power failure. Pure Sine wave output with the adjustable AVR feature is highly flexible to supply Grid Quality Backup Power to various types of loads under all kinds of environments.

The LCD panel showcases comprehensive information including load level, battery level, voltage and other vital equipment status with a push-of-a-button. The competitive design has not only made it the best choice electronic generators but flexible enough to be adopted as UPS for cash registers, computers and other “sensitive equipments”.


  • Noiseless, and Fuel Free
  • High Charging Current for Quick Recharging- Up to 4 times faster
  • Bypass Mode Allows for Charge Only
  • Generator Compatible Allows Longer Runtime
  • Unlimited Battery Expansion Capability to Increase Runtime
  • UPS Function for Auto Changeover
  • Affordable DC Input Voltage- Minimum number of Deep Cycle Battery required
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR)
  • Brownout and Over Voltage Protector
  • Built-in Solar charger controller
  • Input & Output isolated
  • Reverse polarity protection. / by fuse / diodes
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Overload protection
  • Low battery alarm/ Low battery shut-down


  • Multiple microprocessor design base
  • Compatible with both linear & non-linear load
  • Stronger charger to support batteries
  • 24 hours operation on the inverter
  • DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function
  • High efficiency design to save electricity
  •  Low heat dissipation in long time operation
  •  Design to operate under harsh environment
  •  Wall Mounted, Table Mounted and Vertical Floor Mounted design
  • DC priority or AC priority selectable
  •  Support solar panel


  • Solar Inverter with LCD Display
  • PURE SINE WAVE Inverter with DC battery charger and solar charge controller. 
  • Connect directly with Solar system
  • Smart, powerful and efficient

What is CBPS?

CBPS stands for “Centralized Backup Power System”, it can provide instant backup power in the critical moment while blackout, brownout, or other power problems strike your equipment. The power problems include brownout, sag and spike, surges, and noise interference etc. When surges occur, it may intrude your computer via AC outlet or phone line, aim first at your modem or motherboard, go next chips,
and finally affect your precious computer hardware components. After that, your systems in use may suddenly shut down resulting in data loss. Can you bear your long-term efforts suddenly disappear within shortly one second? Can you accept your expensive machine is getting unaware of breakdown? The more power problems occur, the more cost you’ll pay.
Centralized Backup Power System (CBPS) has designed and developed for eliminating the above annoying problems.
 First, CBPS can transfer AC input voltage affected frequently by external factors to the acceptable voltage range that your complicated machines needed, and provide a stable power supply.
 Second, CBPS is promptly providing consistent battery backup within 8 milliseconds while blackout or brownout occurred protecting your systems from shutdown unsafely and data loss. Third, when you live in with unstable weather or bad power supply environment, you must have CBPS to protect your sensitive machines against surge, spike, and lightning striking your equipment. 
Moreover, BLUETECH can design any system for your specific emergency electric power needs from Residential, Commercial, Auxiliary vehicle or market carriage, Television crew or camper, automotive medical post and rescue vehicle in areas affected by calamity.

What size CBPS should I choose?

First, BLUETECH should inspect the area where the CBPS unit will be installed and determine the power requirements of your equipment to Insure that the equipment plugged into the outlets does not exceed the CBPS unit’s rated capacity.
Second, BLUETECH will provide technical and professional assistance related to the company’s Centralized Backup Power System and coordinate the bridge to and from the company.


  • Payment — Fifty percent (50%) upon receipt of Purchase Order
  • 50% Balance shall be paid after installation controller. 
  • Delivery – 60 to 65 days upon receipt of 50% down payment
  • Warranty – 2 year parts and labor on CBPS unit, 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on batteries, 5 years warranty on solar panels’ workmanship
  • Battery Life – It depends on the warranty of the manufacturer
  • Guaranteed aftersales service by qualified BLUETECH highly trained technical personnel
  • Solar Panels expected design life is 25 years