1. User Friendly NET IN MYSQL DATABASE which is customarily designed for the General Services Office and the City Accounting Office for the Local Government operations in accordance with RA 7160, COA Circular 92-386 and PPSAS.
  2. Summary of PAR Report System that could be printed per school/barangays/municipalities where the SMEs were released;
  3. Report System that could be printed on selected start-month to end- month within the year;
  4. Data Inquiry System to determine the SMEs accounted which tracks down the date, MSE no, Po no, the source of fund, AIR no, RIS no, schools/office/barangays/Municipality, the person who received the SME , the complete description of the item, the name of supplier, the unit ,the unit value and the total amount of the SME released;
  5. The system classifies the report according to the source of fund and the barangays and municipalities;
  6. Since the server is also connected to the Accounting office, monitoring of data is real time which shall result to automatic SMEs accounts reconciliation;
  7. The system bear security feature or password enabled to prevent from unauthorized use.;
  8. The system has back up feature enabled and could be uploaded to google drive for data safe keeping.
  9. The system could be connected to LAN or multiple computers using HUB/Routers which shall run in server and terminal mode.
  10. The system provides easy report for COA verification and validation.